Kirk & Kirk

Kirk & Kirk cuts no corners in creating eyewear that deserves to carry the Kirk name, a family that has been committed to producing the finest eyewear since the beginning of the twentieth century.

All Kirk & Kirk eyeglasses are available with custom crafted premium prescription lenses by our state-licensed opticians. Free shipping and same day in-store pickup available.

Yellow crystal Kirk and Kirk eyeglasses from The Optical Co

Kirk & Kirk Glasses

Kirk & Kirk glasses and sunglasses have received industry acclaim with bright color palates in a well crafted acrylic material. All Kirk and Kirk eyewear is handmade in France from start to finish using a unique grade of Italian acrylic.

Kirk & Kirk

Hove, England

The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since Sidney and Percy Kirk opened their first London workshops in 1919. Three generations later, inspired by family heritage and twenty years of passion for eyewear, Jason and Karen Kirk created Kirk & Kirk. Now sold in over 40 countries, Kirk & Kirk eyeglasses are run by a family with optical passion coursing through their veins and integrity and pride in every frame they produce.

Handmade in France

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Kirk & Kirk Cady violet crystal eyeglasses from The Optical Co

Kaleidoscope Collection

Using a special grade of Italian acrylic, the Kaleidoscope collection is able to provide a beautiful color palate that you will not find in any other collection. With up to 15 available colors, this collection is promises a bold statement.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Kirk & Kirk glasses made?

Kirk & Kirk eyeglass frames are handmade in France.

Are Kirk & Kirk glasses plastic frames?

No. All Kirk & Kirk eyewear are made using a special grade of Italian acrylic. This design and materials is what gives Kirk and Kirk eyeglasses their unique colorful look.

Can Kirk & Kirk eyeglasses be fitted to my face?

Yes. However, there is a special process to shape and fit Kirk & Kirk glasses. They should only be fitted by an optical expert that has the experience of using the special grade Italian acrylic that Kirk and Kirk frames are made from.

Can prescription lenses be put into Kirk & Kirk frames?

Yes. All Kirk & Kirk eyeglass orders include premium prescription lenses custom crafted by our optical experts. The mounting of lenses in Kirk and Kirk eyewear requires a special process and should only be done by opticians trained and with experience using high grade Italian acrylic eyewear.

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