The Optical. Co offers the best in class eyewear from today's top designer brands. Starting at $99 with prescription lenses, we are certain you will find a well crafted, unique style to call your own.

All prescription lenses are professionally crafted just for you by our state-licensed optical experts.

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Earth friendly

Made from a new bioplastic that is both plant based in origin and biodegradable, glasses made with this material produce 60% less carbon dioxide than traditional plastics and consumes 53% less energy than industry standards.

Shop new Earth friendly glasses from Garrett Leight, Andy Wolf and THE OPTICAL. CO.

Seeds For Sight: We plant a tree for every pair of glasses purchased online or in-store 🌳

Born to run

A new collection of fashion forward eyewear. Sunglasses designed to handle the hardest runs but also look great for that post-ride drink with friends.

Young woman with curly hair wearing Article One eyeglasses from The Optical Co

New lenses In YOur Own Frame

See Happy again with new prescription lenses in your own frame.

Starting at $75 you can upgrade any frame with premium quality no-glare prescription lenses. Since The Optical. Co is owned and operated by optical experts, you can trust that your frames will be handled with care and the lenses will be made perfectly to spec just for you.

save up to 35% on your contact lens order

No hidden fees, no counterfeit lenses, no expired contacts. We offer today’s contact lenses at the very best prices online and in-store. Order the contacts you love at the price you deserve.

And our "no-code" instant discounts and manufacturer rebates exclusive to The Optical. Co customers is pretty amazing as well.

Precision 1 soft contact lenses at The Optical Co

Great Vision Starts With Great Lenses

Finding good looking frames online is easy. Finding a trusted source for the best in professional grade vision and craftsmanship is not.

Only The Optical. Co is led by a team of state-licensed Opticians, Optometrists and optical experts dedicated on providing you with the best vision possible. With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to the craft of making the best eyeglasses possible. All glasses orders include premium grade prescription lenses custom crafted just for you by our optical experts.

Because no one deserves cheap vision. You deserve great vision at the most affordable price.

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Vision Should Be Crafted, Never Manufactured

Over the years we have been led to believe that all eyeglass lenses are the same and the only thing that matters in our glasses is the name brand stamped inside the frame.

At The Optical. Co, we believe that the clarity of your vision is directly related to the quality of your lenses. We believe everyone deserves great vision and everyone deserves this vision crafted in a quality frame style of their liking.

Welcome to The Optical. Co - where vision is crafted, never manufactured.